Roof Ridge Protection System

Ridge-Guard® is the ultimate roof ridge protection system that helps to prevent animal entry at the roof ridge.  With the advent of ridge-vents to protect shingles from overheating in the summer, and excess moisture build up in the attic in the winter due to heat loss, came the extra issues associated with a large vent opening across the entire ridge of the home.

Standard plastic ridge-venting, as well as most other types of roof ridge vents, can be made secure from pests by the application of Ridge-Guard®.

Each RIDGE-GUARD® System Includes:

  • 160′ Linear Feet RIDGE-GUARD®
  • 200 fasteners.
  • 1 protective transport tube.

Whole Home Protection Products

  • Ridgeguard
  • Roof Vent Covers
  • Foundation Vent Covers
  • Gable End Vent Screening
  • Soffit Return Seal up

Ridge-Guard ® Warranty

RIDGE-GUARD® has a lifetime product replacement warranty against entry against Bats, Mice, Squirrels, and Snakes entering through the product for the life of the roof shingle that is on the home at time of install. RIDGE-GUARD® does not warranty the product from damage to product or to roof from installer’s installation process. RIDGE-GUARD® was designed specifically for use on asphalt shingle ridge cap style roof ridge vents and is not recommended for use on metal style roofs. Process of installation of the RIDGE-GUARD® and the use of sealers with the included fasteners is at the sole discretion of the RIDGE-GUARD® installer.

Every job is custom so contact us for pricing.